miðvikudagur, 16. nóvember 2016

Samstöðuyfirlýsing til alþjóðlegu verkalýðsráðstefnunnar í Mumbai

A greeting of solidarity
to the World Conference Against War,
Exploitation and Precarious Labour
held in Mumbai November 18th - 20th 2016
from the executive committee of the People's Front of Iceland

The People's Front of Iceland greets the Mumbai conference with solidarity. Workers of the world are facing severe threats and obstacles in their pursuit of social justice, peace and security. The powers that are up against us are monopoly capitalism, finance capitalism and imperialism, a three-headed monster. The only means we have to fight it are the means of the class struggle, where working class solidarity is sine qua non. We must stand as one and not let us be divided by nationality, race, caste, gender, religion or other identity factors. We must not be led astray by opportunism, reformism or bourgeois populism. The road to justice is the road out of capitalism. That is what we must focus on.

People's Front of Iceland Executive Committee